Best PC Games you can play without Paying

Many people often scorn upon playing free across the gaming community. This was taken as an indication illegal of exploitation of the hard work of game developers. However, there are games that are free and not at all terrible to play. This list also has a few games that were initially not free, but later made freely available for all gamers. Check out 16 games that will blow your mind, considering the fact that they are free of cost.

Fortnite: Battle Royale

This game is a Minecraft style building/survival game. This spinoff of the original Fortnite is a good competitor for the Play unknown’s Battleground.  This spinoff of Fortnite keeps the basics of the game intact. In addition to that, there is a building component of the base that allows a player to use strategies that are unique. Instead of being just a pillage-and-loot game, this version allows a lot more strategic gaming. The game is currently pulling up to 40 million players. With Epic focusing all their updates on this new version, the game is sure to get better and better.


This free game has the best supporting feedback for its mechanics. The game is very engaging and can easily help you while away the time. The game may be repetitive, with a lot of grinding. Despite these facts, it is still a great game to play. It is fun and easy and the latest expansion that was added completely changed the form of interaction in the game.

Path of exile

This is the perfect example of a free game that is done correctly. This is one of the top action based RPGs available in recent times. The game has a complex levelling system that may irritate you a little but the games overall feel makes up for this. The game uses a point-and-shoot repeatedly until dead action throughout. The game also has a fascinating story line. In addition to all this, the developers of the game, Grinding Gear has been adding a lot more contents in the game. The latest addition to the game was in 2017, making the game almost double the size since its first version release.

Dota 2

Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas are the most popular type of free games available in the market so far. Dota 2 is one of the most popular games of this type. It also has the largest e-sport prize with 24.7 million dollars of the prize pool this year.

DOTA expands to read Defense of the Ancients and is the successor of the game Warcraft 3. This game is interesting because you get to play with many different players over the internet.

League of Legends

League of Legends is another Multiplayer online battle game like DOTA 2. This game is just as good as DOTA. The game was inspired by DOTA, the original. There is no comparing the two, both are equally good, so choose the game where you are most compatible with your team members.

Heros of the Storm

Although not at the same level as DOTA or League of Legends, this game is definitely the next best game in the line of multiplayer online battle games. The amount of attention that the developer Blizzard has given to the details is tremendous. The game has a unique feature of allowing players more flexibility, for example, the game allows a hero to be controlled by different players at a time. Another thing the game allows is the use of a single hero by three separate players at the same time. There is a lot of hero vs hero fights.

Team Fortress 2

This is one of the first big budget, non-MMO game that went from being a paid game to a free one. It has been more than 10 years since it has been released and it is still in the top 5 games that are played on the Steam website. The game is a shooter simulator that is still going strong. The game regularly receives updates and the game is just challenging enough to be a lot of fun.


This fighting game is refreshing to play and free to boot. In the arena of games, this free-play game is very reminiscent or inspired by the game Super Smash Bros. The game has a very exciting and nervous energy to it that will get people pumped up to play the game. This makes it an excellent game to play with friends. The game can support a maximum of eight players. This means a lot of chaos for the players and add fun to the game.

Eve: Online

Not entirely free play, the game has a lot of restrictions on the free players. The free gamers get restricted to battlecruisers and ships and can train only in a limited set of skills. The game is fun despite that.

StarCraft II: Wings of Libert

At the 8 years anniversary since this game series, this was released this version of the Starcraft series makes both campaign and multiplayer access through

Fallout Shelter

The excellent aesthetic has made this game popular. The goal of the game is building and populating a Vault. The game is set in post-apocalyptic age and it is a waiting to play game. The game is played in real-time.


It is a shooter game that is hero based. The game has a cartoonlike feel and the game is considered by many to be a clone of the game Overwatch.


This is a card based game like Pokémon. The task of the game is to build the strongest deck and battle against an opponent. This one of the more popular collectible cards games, at least in digital format.

Star Trek Online & Lord of the rings online.



Both of these games have a very active community online. They are few of the oldest MMOs online. They receive updates even now. Both of these games use really good licenses.





World of Tanks

This war game is one of the most well known free games in the set. The game entirely consists of tanks. Tanks attack tanks on the entire island.

Doki Doki Literature Club

This game is more story based. It is small, with singer player experience in the free version. The game is a good simulation of a visual novel and uses anime style characters.


This is free only if you own an HTC Vive or an Oculus Rift. The game is one of the best games on those platforms. It is kind of like Second Life, but much weirder.

Top 5 Websites to download full version of PC Games

There are a number of games released every day on the internet. Free games, especially full versions of the games are not easily available. Many websites say that they offer full versions free and end up charging you a membership fee for accessing these games. Many of these websites areas also host for viruses and can cause a threat to the security of your computer. This article offers up the very best of the websites that are secure and truly allow you to get the game safely and for free.


At number five, Acid Play is a website that was aimed towards game developers and gamers. It was started in the year 2002 and has more than a hundred games usually posted by developers of the games. You can download a complete game in under a minute. Every download is secured using ClamAV. This makes the download really fast, safe and secure against attacks. The website also offers games for two different type of OS, Windows and OS X. The site also has an additional filtering system that uses ratings and recommendations.


The website was started in the year 1998. It has a vast gaming resource with games made for PCs, PS4, Xbox One, and many other gaming devices. This is another website which is one of the biggest contributors to the world of free games. This website not only offers the full version of games like Mario but also offers many other different options to satisfy your taste no matter what type of games you like. The website is also popular for the library of cheat codes it provides games. The website has news, fixes, patches, trainers, mods, rigs, editorials and videos in addition to the emulators and free games.  The number of options the websites provides is enough to satisfy any gamers thirst for games for a lifetime.

GameTop is one of the fairly well-known websites used for the download of games. This website has numerous free high-quality games available for download. The versions you get to download are entirely safe and guaranteed that it is a full versions of the game. You can get Games that are playable the PC, the Mac or the Android system. This means you can probably play a lot of these games on the phone.  There are new releases almost every week. Charm Tale, Fresco Wizard and Kill all Zombies are a few example of the games that are available for free on the website.  The different genres that are available are Match 3, Puzzles, Hidden Object, Racing, Arcade and action games.


This website is a great source of some big name games that you can download for free. The website has a huge collection of small arcade games to bigger games for the serious gamer. The download limit is unlimited, the files are password protected, and they can be accessed by visiting the FAQ page of the website. Assasins Creed, Star Ocean- the last hope, Wolfenstein 2 are just a few of the games that are available for download from this website. The website has games arranged by the alphabetical order. Additionally, it also has the games arranged by the genres for easy access. The website also offers tutorials on how to download and install the game and repacks in addition to the games that are offered.


Launched in the year 2013 on 27th of August, this website was built as a community for game lovers. This website is one of the most popular websites for gaming. The website provides news on the latest game releases, numerous full game downloads, reviews on the latest edition of games and forums to interact with the players on the site. The website has a active community of gamers and offers free help to its community of gamers with additional videos on how to install the games on the PC. This website is so popular that it has a rank of 1726 on the global scale on Alexa. This is the original website with a total of 17 categories of game genres and an additional trainer version of the games. The website constantly uploads updates to fix errors and many other updates as they come. There is a section where you can request for a particular game. If you subscribe to the website, it will send you notifications when anything new is posted.


Once upon a time, the best PC game company was an independent test bed type with a legion of followers and a license to print money. The full-priced games that once ruled the roost are receiving some real competition from gaming titles that require no up-front expenditure. Free-to-play PC games are being released at a furious clip and there is something in this world to scratch nearly everybody’s particular itch. With online clearing-houses like Steam reinventing what game delivery can mean, it’s time to separate the good from the bad from the ugly. So in no particular order here are some of the best free PC games out there:

Fortnite Battle Royale

Epic Games

Epic Games is offering this free Battle Royale mode, while it is in development. Gamers have the opportunity to play this specific mode as often as they like without shelling out $40 in upfront cost. For those who end up wanting an early release of all the PVE modes, they can drop $40 for immediate access.

TrackMania Nations Forever


TrackMania is all about beating your friends for the pole position and designing the craziest, most whacked-out racetracks anywhere. Play the entire stadium environment or pay the $30 and upgrade to the TrackMania United Forever version of the game. This pay-to-play version comes with six additional racing environments to enjoy.

Team Fortress 2

Valve Corporation

The folks at Valve Corporation began their journey into the free-to-play market with this winner, Team Fortress 2. The game became free-to-play nearly four years after its original release. Deemed a class-based shooter, this game features an item-based economy, and its large user base is intensely loyal.

Blue Mammoth Games

Inspired by the Mario franchise this 2D fighter allows players to lose themselves in the nostalgia-producing melee. Although it doesn’t play exactly like Nintendo’s cross-over smash hit, it provides enough to gain an army of loyal followers. You can play as much as you’d like for free, you’ll need to shell out $20 to unlock all the current and future characters.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2018

PES Productions

Have you always dreamed of owning your own football club? Does the nail-biting competition of professional sports leave you gasping for more? Then perhaps Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 is for you. Although this version is a bit more limited than the pay-to-play edition, it is more than enough to satisfy the most ardent competition-based gamer out there. Improve your skills in training mode. Go online and play the exhibition circuit. Or for a real challenge delve into league mode and test your skills against the world’s best. 

Pinball FX3

Zen Studios

Since the market for physical pinball tables has all but gone the way of the dinosaurs, Zen Studios is keeping the tradition alive with its PC game version of the old-fashioned classic. If you are unwilling or unable to open your pocketbook this game’s Sorcerer's Lair table is still loads of fun. Be prepared to pay, however, if you want any table but the free one.


Hi-Rez Studios

This game is declared the Champion’s shooter and is on the cutting edge of gaming development of its 100 player battleground mode. Hi-Rez Studios was an early adopter of the free-to-play business model and is more than willing to ride the wave of whatever is wildly popular at the moment. With a limited group of starting Champions you can play for free, but plan on forking over $20 bucks to unlock all the game’s features and future characters.

With the free-to-play world growing daily, how is it that companies can make money by offering the games for free? Extreme Tech, the online clearinghouse for everything technology related put it this way, “By offering micro-transactions, in the form of a small cost to unlock features or future characters, the players are spending a few dollars to enhance their game playing experience. A free-to-play game opens the door to a much larger customer base and it is through this large volume of customers that the micro-transactions work.” 

One might wonder about those gamers who don’t pay and never intend to.

Mark Kyrnin, a technology expert at Tech for Anyone, a leading blog dedicated to offering anyone the opportunity to understand the often complex world of technology offers this, “The general trend is that by spending of money, players can in essence bypass the amount of time they have to spend playing the game to advance to higher levels.”

It’s clear that the free-to-play model is here to stay and may even be the preferred method for gaming software “sales” moving forward.

The Most Popular PC Games Due to their Graphics

Today PC gaming culture is a widespread new media subculture formed by the popular video games. As video games and computers have increased at an exponential rate over time in popularity hence, they have created an influence on the culture of our society. People all over the world are crazy for high graphics games and are identified as gamers. Both competition and entertainment are mapped under gaming and this trend is widely known as electronic sports. People all over the world are also accepting it. Let us know the top games, which are highly demanded in the market. These games have conquered the market and they are gaining more and more popularity day by day.

  1. Methodology to determine which ones the best

As soon as the games are available, the build-in trademarks are used and frames are captured using specific tools. Games are ranked on the basis of their average frame-rate. For a game to be ranked higher in the rankings it should have low average frame-rate. Each and every game were run at 4K(3840*2160) with all the settings maximized. The point of pushing these games to their limit is to check the speed of your PC. Third party mode and multiplayer mode is avoided during testing of the game and each game was given 5 minutes as a game playtime. This experiment confirms which game is the best.

  1. Tech needed to host such games

A system was designed especially for our PC, which included Corsair’s barebones Bulldog 2.0 kit, including a Mini-ITX Z270 motherboard from MSI, Large Pixel Collider a series H6 SF CPU cooler and power supply of 600 watts. Intel’s 770K CPU clocked at 4.2GHz high-end quad-core processors in addition with DDR RAM of 16GB were added and run in dual channel mode. Water cooled GTX 1080 was used for the CPU. As single graphics card is used the SLI-scaling won’t be a problem at all. A very important aspect of this game-ranking list is, many games, which are listed, have multiplatform titles. Anyways we are going to focus on rankings based on raw numbers.

  1. GTA V game play

GTA V is an awesome game play with most attractive graphics. It has plenty of graphical options related to PC settings. You can literally change the shaders, quality of texture, tessellation and even escalate population density. The video memory is taxed real hard as you crank everything up to max. Luckily, the graphics card manages the situation and bottleneck is not there. It achieved an average of 60.9 Frames per second and hence it is ranked 17th on the list. Rockstar North developed this game, the game engine is RAGE and it was released on 14th April 2015.

  1. Just Cause 3

An open-world, wacky, and big game play are featured with imaginative environments that stretch to the horizon. You can literally destroy the world around you using the Avalanche Engines, which are provided in the game play. Hence, it is computationally rigorous game play. That is why it is first on the list with an average of 60 frames per second or below. Avalanche studios developed this game and the game engine is avalanche engine. It was released in November 2015.

  1. Battlefield 1

EA DICE developed this game and it was released on 21st October 2016. The game engine is Frostbite 3. This engine allows the game to run fairly and it doesn’t let the frames per second rate get down below 42 FPS. The graphics of the game is amazing and with all the maxed out features it looks brilliant.

  1. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

CD project RED has developed this game and it was released on 19th May 2015. The game uses REDengine 3. It’s a gorgeous game, thanks to the developers, the action with RPG and guns  helps us to enable higher levels of Nvidia hair physics, depth of field effects and ambient occlusion. We can roam around on a horseback and enjoy the lush landscape environment. We can also look at the advanced lighting effects of the game play. The average frames per second rate are 30 FPS though it never stutters and reached a low of 24 FPS.

Gear Up This Weekend with PC Gaming Sessions

Hurray, its weekend again! time for unloading ourselves out of weeklong stress, and to bask in freedom. Well, what can be better than locking ourselves in the room, and to refresh ourselves playing games for next 48 hrs? So what are the gaming options this weekend? Better tie up your seat belts and get ready to treat yourself with amazing games this weekend. Check out the new shooter & strategy games online along with RPGs introducing its novel survival methods and make your weekend more exciting.

For more exciting games look click on the below links.

Galactic Crew – win copies of rogue-like adventure

Benjamin Romme’s sci-fi is now available on stream early access, offering the users to get into rogue-like investigations. The new version of Galactic crew aids the users with a new spaceship and also a universe to live in. Guaranteeing a total adventurous ride, the users can meander through space, searching for treasures and threat, arriving on planets in hopes of discovering alien posts, ancient civilizations, and pirates hideouts.

Gear up for some war with Total War: Warhammer II this weekend

Are you too a strategy game fan? Then gear up for some exploration.  A good news for gamers out there, the second edition of Total War: Warhammer II is unveiled, coupled with more brilliance than former. It is noted to be the best combat game lately. Fun with excellence and offering additional tools for combat, methods to colonize settlements with varied climatic conditions and much more get hooked to your computer screen this weekend.

Blast of your enemies at zero-g with LawBreakers

If you are an avid gamer, you would have hardly not have heard of Cliff Bleszinski’s War mechanisms. Latest to add into his kitty of exciting games is LawBreakers – the latest shooting game. Although this game has not yet earned much admiration, still it doesn’t fail to be one of the most blasting games online. In addition, the free weekend mode promises to increase the additional player count, the all-new zero-gravity arena and much more to make your weekend a memorable one.

True Sight - Valve’s Dota sport documentary

Amidst a range of esport documentaries, hardly few strike the right chord with the audience. If you too are on the lookout for some good esport documentaries, then do not forget to check out True Sight, the latest episode of Clave’s professional Dota 2  True Sight.

Raise the bar of adventure with Skyrim’s innovative mechanisms of endurance

Some games are so good, they end up getting imbibed into our system. Just like Skyrime, which happens to be in form since 6 years and we still can’t find a reason to stop playing it. All thanks to its reach, it still remains to be the most played game. Adding to the list of reasons, why it is impossible to stop playing skyrime, Bethesda has introduced its official new survivor mode. Isn't this reason enough to check it out?

Torchlight creators launches latest Zelda-like RPG game called Play Hob

 Hob, is the newest game from the creators of Torchlight, ensues to be different than usual Skyrime games also sticking with the RPG genre. Giving you the feel of Zelda, this game offers the players a motorized glove to network, making it more exciting and fun.

Buy Dream Daddy and many more cheap games from Humble Bundle

How will you find it dating some cool daddies this weekend?  If you desire too, pat your luck as now one can choose Fantasy Daddy at discounted costs. If you are still obscure about the title, this game is a dad-dating stimulant. Humble Bundle offers few more cheap games to look out for.

Now play with your squad with Fortnite’s new free Grand mode of combat

The Fortnite’s new combat mode has turned out to be the craze of many people across the world raising the count to millions. With the launch of its latest edition, it recent mode offers the players to form their squad instead of playing all by themselves as before free. Check it out now!

Planet Coaster’s new EerieDLC Pack gives a new phase to Halloween Horror

It's October and time to get all spooky. Get all scary snatching the Eerie Pack of DLC for Coaster round Globe. Wouldn’t you love to scare the guts out of people with the ghost theme park? Are you in for a ride on the Ghost train?

New PC Games Coming Soon – Release Dates and Details

There are many games released every day. The number is so huge that it is difficult to keep track of the major players. Here is a list of games that are have confirmed date of release for this year. These are the games that will almost kill you with the wait and anticipation before they get released. Listed below are the games from the ones that are releasing almost immediately to those that release next year.


This game is a set in a prison that is further complicated and endangered due to the monsters with supernatural powers causing mayhem in the hallways. The game is set to release on October 5, 2017, totally appropriate for Halloween.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War

This sequel, continues on the same as its predecessor with an additional one on one combat scenarios with a dragon, giving any gamer an adrenaline high. The game’s storyline is a huge deviation from the Lord of the Ring stories, but with a Nemesis system back in place. It is set to release on October 10, 2017.

The Evil Within 2

This spooky sequel is promising, in its violent and whacky scenarios that are unpredictable and unexpected. This Resident Evil inspired project is set to release on October 13, 2017.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole

In this sequel, the South Park Children have moved onto superheroes from high fantasy, and it is the mission of the New Kid to master and control the power of flatulence to his favor and save the town. The game is set to be released on October 17, 2017.

Rogue Trooper Redux

This game is a complete makeover of the Rogue Trooper, 2000 AD adaptation. Rebellion, the creators and IP owners had been keeping the details secret have finally revealed all the details and the game is finally set to release on October 17, 2017.

Destiny 2

The sequel to Destiny, a major hit among the PC games for 3 years in a row, the new game is expected to have numerous jokes, heists, loots, and guns. The game is set to release on October 24, 2017.

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

Set during the Nazi era, this sequel will still offer a mad rush for gamers everywhere. BJ is headed to America with a plan to liberate before the switchover. The game is set to release on October 27, 2017.

Assassin’s Creed Origins

Assassin’s Creed, back by popular demand, has got an RPG upgrade and a realistic fight/combat system. The system aims to bring interest in with these features thrown in the mix and is set to release on October 27, 2017

Call of Duty: WW2

The devastated war fields of World war II return in the latest edition of Call of duty. The series has the original zombies reintroduced with hope to set the series back in power. The release date for the game is November 3, 2017.

Sonic Forces

Sonic Forces focuses on Blue blur as its main character, unlike Sonic Mania. It is a 3D game play that allows gamers change around the character. The game is set to release on November 7, 2017.

Need for Speed: Payback

The new addition to the Fast & Furious series is full of cars, chaos and crash landings. The plot of the game is almost straight out of the movies minus, The Rock. The game is set to release on November 10, 2017.

L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files

L.A. Noire explores Rockstar's first exploration into detection and mystery with the addition of a full body Virtual Reality with this game. The game is accessible only through HTC Vive and has a number of repeat cases from the original. The game is set to release on November 14, 2017.

Star Wars Battlefront II

This is an updated version of Star Wars sequel comes with singer player campaign and multiple eras. The beta version has a lot of success and the game is set to release on November 17, 2017.

Okami HD

Okami HD is a reboot of the adventure/action game taking place in Japan, with the main character playing a white wolf and many other mythical elements thrown in. The game by Developers of Clover Studio is beautifully made with watercolour-style artwork. The release date is on December 12, 2017

Special PC Game Deals and Discounts for Weekend

Weekend game deals are the best way to get a bang for your buck. All the serious gamers out there will get the best deals without burning a hole in their pockets.

Humble Monthly

Every week, there are many bundles and games available to players for a small fee.

This month bundle only available till October 6, is the Rise of the Tomb Raider by Crystal Dynamics a blockbuster that is attained raves and praises soon after the launch. It is worth over a $100 but is available in a $12 bundle which additionally unlocks a great other selection of games.

The Humber Monthly subscription allows its users to access a whole host of games that are DRM free and gives its subscribers a 10% discount on all their humble store purchases. The subscribers of the Humble monthly can discover a variety of hits, hidden gems, and surprises in every bundle. Every month gives you a new game to keep forever. The store provides game bundles, book bundles and Mobile bundles for its users.

From the Bundlefest, of the last week Nemesis Bundle 3 is available, with the bundles coming in 3 different tiers/ price points, depending on budget with the highest being $999.

Tier 1 costs $100 and the bundle contains a total of 4 games, Tier 2 costs $499 and has 10 games in it and the last tier costs $999 and has a set of 15 games in it.

Free Events

The website also has free Events that may interest you as a gamer. The latest game Call of Duty: WWII is a set to launch on November 3 has launched its beta version for testing. The game can be tested for gun mechanics, maps, and many other details. 's last venture into the World War II era was with World at War back in 2008, and almost a decade later, the series is finally returning to the brutal time period with Call of Duty: WWII.

Another event that will be free this weekend is the game Lawbreakers from the studio of Cliff Bleszinski of Boss Key Productions. The free weekend access is to promote the user base after a moderate success after its launch in August. The game is a fast, arena shooter game with some very good mechanics. The game is currently available on Steam. The participants of the game also stand to win a free copy of the games as a part of a contest.

Huge Deals

With the new week, new selections of PC games are available on discount rates on the website. Steam has an entire catalog of Warner Bros. titles, which are heavily discounted and available on stream for the week. A few examples are the Arkham Series and The Humorous LEGO series.

With the beginning of the weekend comes a wide assortment of sales from numerous PC game stores, and below, we have a selection of handpicked games that are near or below their historical discount rates. Most of these games are DRM attached and available for an undetermined amount of time. The games have discounts of up to 60%. Given below are a few Non-DRM games that are available on GOG.

Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun for $27.99

Turok 2: Seeds of Evil for $13.39

Deponia 4: Deponia Doomsday for $9.99

Memoria for $3.99

Star Wars: Battlefront for $ 3.99

Tron 2.0 for 3.99

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade for $     2.39

Star Wars: Empire at War for $7.99

Monkey Island 2: Special Edition: LeChuck’s Revenge for $3.99

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords for $3.99

Vapourum for $17.99

The Incredible Machine, Mega Pack for  $3.99

The prices of these games may not be exact as they can vary depending on the region that you live in.

This is the list of the picks for the week. There are many great games, which is being released every month with a host of games being added every day. Keep an eye out for the best games at Humble, Steam, and GOG. The blog provides some of the best, the most popular games available for gamers to play with and the free beta versions of new games are also released all the time. Take secret pleasure in playing, and discovering the hidden secrets, techniques scattered throughout the gaming world.

Get Premium PC Games Legally Free from these 4 Amazing Places

Everyone loves freebies. For gamers everywhere, high-quality graphics and premium gaming experiences usually come with a hefty price tag. For gamers who would like to keep busy without losing money, there are many websites, which offer a large number of premium games free. The added bonus is that they are entirely free and legal. Listed below are our top 4 recommendations to gain access to awesome premium games.


Steam is our top pick for PC games due to its diversity. The website is an endless resource for PC games and you can never get bored with the selection. The website has a game store, demos, virtual reality etc., but the place to go free games is the selection called Free to Play from the Games option at the top. It is easy to sort through the games from the popular tags available on the website, it also allows users to sort the games in the order of most paid games. There is also a list in which the games that will be released soon are displayed.

The only negative aspect of the website is that the customer support is not very good. The free to play section contains around 1700 games with the most popular games like Warframes, Paladin, Maplestory etc. A great way to make sure you stay within your monthly budget may be to try out this website for something you like instead of spending too much on games from Gamestop and other such websites.

For lovers of indie games, this is the best websites to download this style of games for your PC. Modeled on games like Spelunky, Duck Games, Undertake, etc. Just like all the other indie games out there, these games are made by very small developers and individual developers. The games on the website allow its users to filter the games by price, type of game, top rated, top seller etc. The games also have short trailers that can be watched to get the feel of the game before downloading the game. offers games that are of the highest quality, there are paid as well as free games on this website. The free section offers a whopping 47000 number of games. The huge selection can seem overwhelming, so to make it easier to choose the website blog can be visited. The blog can recommend the best available PC games on the website, as well as the latest.


Steam, although is one of the best sites to play free premium games, it has the disadvantage of having Digital Rights Management (DRM) on all its games. This means that you will not be able to access the game if your Steam account or the actual stops functioning. GOG has the advantage of letting its users keep playing the games in case GOG shuts down, due to the fact that all its games are free from DRM.

Almost all of the games available on GOG can be played on Linux OS, an added bonus. The downside to this is that the GOG library is very small with only 32 free games on the website. If a small budget is OK for the users, the options for under 5$ is higher, but overall the total number of games available on GOG is approximately 1800.


Origin is similar to GOG and steam, except for the fact that the website is run by EA games, a major game store. The games available are all AAA, and not many free games are available. The On The House section offers complete games and expansion packs for free and once claimed the game/pack is available to the gamer even after the offer expires. The catch in this website is that only one game is free and available for a short period of time. The offer can be anywhere between 1 day to 5 months. The best way to maximize the offers on this website is to check for freebies regularly.

The above-mentioned websites are the best picks for gamers to access free premium games. A few websites worth mentioning are Desura and ModDB. Another option is to search for commercial games that are free on Wikipedia or the internet.

Enjoy Amazing Online PC Games for Free

A lot of people look to play free online pc games. They help to pass the time, but they also are able to be played from the comfort of your home without having to install the game on a computer. An added bonus is when you can find a FREE online game to enjoy instead of paying to play. Below are some of the best free online games for players to enjoy.


Many gamers have heard of Doom and know what to expect, but for those who do not know, Doom is an action game that is full of corridors and secret passages with a number of doors and switches granting the player access. And of course, do not forget the demons. The first episode of Doom can be played for free online on a PC. This game is played using shooter controls and not a mouse like other PC games, but is still one of the best games amongst PC gamers. To play this PC game, simply click here to play Doom.


Wonderputt is an online puzzle game for PC users. It is very similar to a game of minigolf with a twist. The player has to putt the ball around the course while avoiding obstacles and jumping over dangers. After a player is able to sink their putt, the game changes and morphs creating other obstacles that were not expected. The graphics on this free PC game is better than many other free online games, and is extremely enjoyable with a great choice of images and colors. Feel free to play Wonderputt here now.



Through the Ages: A Story of Civilization

This free online PC game is one of the most popular games from boardgamegeek. This game is a strategy game and takes time to really play the game. The goal is to build the best civilization you can, while competing with other players. The player starts in ancient times and can grow and develop up through the modern age. But the key is to maintain a balance between technology, resources, and military strength. If you are looking for an online strategy PC game you play over a period of time, this game is perfect for you.

10 More Bullets

This only PC game is free to play. It is game where you attack and destroy ships by shooting them with, you guessed it, ten bullets. But what you might not guess is the exploding ships that are destroyed actually break apart to become more bullets and destroying other ships around them. Depending on your score, the player receives gold that can be used to purchase upgrades making it possible to destroy hundreds of ships. The overall feel of the game is similar to some of the old school Atari games many gamers have played, but with the ability to upgrade your attacking potential. Try your luck at destroying ships and see how many you can kill with 10 More Bullets.


Dragon Age: The Last Court

If you are looking for another strategy game, Dragon Age: The Last Court is another game that is intended to be played long term. If you have played Dragon Age: Inquisition or Dragon Age 2 this is from the same creator. In this game, the player starts off selecting if they will be a hunter or a scholar before beginning to build a town and keeping an eye out for potential attacks. The only drawback of this game is many actions require action points that take a significant amount of time to regenerate. They can be purchased using actual money, but it is not necessary to do, which allows this game to remain free if you are patient and take your time growing over the course of several days.


There are a ton of different PC games players can play. Unfortunately a number of these cost a significant amount of money to play. But it is not necessary to pay to play. Instead, try playing any of the recommended FREE online PC games instead and save yourself money while having fun.