Gear Up This Weekend with PC Gaming Sessions

Hurray, its weekend again! time for unloading ourselves out of weeklong stress, and to bask in freedom. Well, what can be better than locking ourselves in the room, and to refresh ourselves playing games for next 48 hrs? So what are the gaming options this weekend? Better tie up your seat belts and get ready to treat yourself with amazing games this weekend. Check out the new shooter & strategy games online along with RPGs introducing its novel survival methods and make your weekend more exciting.

For more exciting games look click on the below links.

Galactic Crew – win copies of rogue-like adventure

Benjamin Romme’s sci-fi is now available on stream early access, offering the users to get into rogue-like investigations. The new version of Galactic crew aids the users with a new spaceship and also a universe to live in. Guaranteeing a total adventurous ride, the users can meander through space, searching for treasures and threat, arriving on planets in hopes of discovering alien posts, ancient civilizations, and pirates hideouts.

Gear up for some war with Total War: Warhammer II this weekend

Are you too a strategy game fan? Then gear up for some exploration.  A good news for gamers out there, the second edition of Total War: Warhammer II is unveiled, coupled with more brilliance than former. It is noted to be the best combat game lately. Fun with excellence and offering additional tools for combat, methods to colonize settlements with varied climatic conditions and much more get hooked to your computer screen this weekend.

Blast of your enemies at zero-g with LawBreakers

If you are an avid gamer, you would have hardly not have heard of Cliff Bleszinski’s War mechanisms. Latest to add into his kitty of exciting games is LawBreakers – the latest shooting game. Although this game has not yet earned much admiration, still it doesn’t fail to be one of the most blasting games online. In addition, the free weekend mode promises to increase the additional player count, the all-new zero-gravity arena and much more to make your weekend a memorable one.

True Sight - Valve’s Dota sport documentary

Amidst a range of esport documentaries, hardly few strike the right chord with the audience. If you too are on the lookout for some good esport documentaries, then do not forget to check out True Sight, the latest episode of Clave’s professional Dota 2  True Sight.

Raise the bar of adventure with Skyrim’s innovative mechanisms of endurance

Some games are so good, they end up getting imbibed into our system. Just like Skyrime, which happens to be in form since 6 years and we still can’t find a reason to stop playing it. All thanks to its reach, it still remains to be the most played game. Adding to the list of reasons, why it is impossible to stop playing skyrime, Bethesda has introduced its official new survivor mode. Isn't this reason enough to check it out?

Torchlight creators launches latest Zelda-like RPG game called Play Hob

 Hob, is the newest game from the creators of Torchlight, ensues to be different than usual Skyrime games also sticking with the RPG genre. Giving you the feel of Zelda, this game offers the players a motorized glove to network, making it more exciting and fun.

Buy Dream Daddy and many more cheap games from Humble Bundle

How will you find it dating some cool daddies this weekend?  If you desire too, pat your luck as now one can choose Fantasy Daddy at discounted costs. If you are still obscure about the title, this game is a dad-dating stimulant. Humble Bundle offers few more cheap games to look out for.

Now play with your squad with Fortnite’s new free Grand mode of combat

The Fortnite’s new combat mode has turned out to be the craze of many people across the world raising the count to millions. With the launch of its latest edition, it recent mode offers the players to form their squad instead of playing all by themselves as before free. Check it out now!

Planet Coaster’s new EerieDLC Pack gives a new phase to Halloween Horror

It's October and time to get all spooky. Get all scary snatching the Eerie Pack of DLC for Coaster round Globe. Wouldn’t you love to scare the guts out of people with the ghost theme park? Are you in for a ride on the Ghost train?